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Foundation Settlement Repair

Here at Denver Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing we use advanced products and systems to assist in restoring the common faults of failing foundations. We start by assessing the core issues of sinking concretecracksshifts, and bowing walls. Then providing a proper solution on how to address these areas with thorough installations by our certified technicians. We provide foundation repair methods that not only fix the problems but ensure they never happen again. We believe in permanent solutions so that your home is safe and your investments are not wasted on temporary repairs. Our service area consists of the surrounding Denver area.

If you’re experiencing any foundation related symptoms you can contact us for a free evaluation and consultation with no strings attached. We send employees that are authorized in the state of Colorado for all building code and maintenance regulations for structural repair work.

The most common and serious problems that homeowners should look for are:

These indicate dangerous and hazardous deterioration of your foundation that threatens your home and should be taken care of immediately.

Some Common Foundation Problems That Should be Fixed

Due to our location here in Colorado, soil conditions and rising & falling water tables have a huge impact on foundations. With snowy winters and often wet spring and summers the soil expands and contracts each year causing many houses and buildings to shift or settle over time. Without a preventative system in place foundations can wear and tear and require repairs to stabilize the entire structure. This includes bowing of the walls and cracks on either the wall itself or sinking of the foundation.

Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement is essentially shifting or sinking concrete, where either side of the home is degrading into the soil and causing stress on the foundation slab. If one area settles into the ground you will notice splits and cracks in the concrete. Other instances can be caused by lack of water drainage where the clay rich soil will expand and contract, while weak soil without proper ‘filling’ when the slab was poured will become weaker and ultimately sink the foundation altogether.

Foundation Wall Cracks

This happens after foundation occurs or in some instances if you have a waterproofing problem. In more extreme cases your home will have vertical cracks that are literally separating the foundation apart into two pieces. In minor but still serious cases you will notice horizontal cracks where the shifts of soil and foundation have begun, and other major symptoms will follow if left unchecked.

Bowed Basement Walls

The most dangerous condition is having an excess amount of pressure outside of the basement wall. This comes from soil and water build-up that eventually bows the wall inwards. This is more common with mason built basement walls, however early signs of this symptom can be simple to extreme cracks with standard poured foundations. Our technicians will be able to figure out which problem you have and address it accordingly.

Our Method for Fixing Foundations

While every foundation is unique, we use patented systems that are proven to permanently stabilize structural problems. Our repair method is to establish a thorough inspection and evaluation of the surrounding damaged areas and then begin installation of these products to restore your foundation slab or basement wall.

  • Push Piers – We utilize a solid piering system to lift your foundation back into place and relevel the slab. This will fix sinking foundation problems as well as the aftermath of concrete cracks.
  • Helical Piers – Similar to push piers, helical piers are designed to provide structural stability to your foundation. These piers are designed to be installed in all weather conditions, and installation is easier due to only a small amount of equipment needed. This system allows us to stop foundation sinking at its source by drilling down beneath the bedrock. This will allow the weight of the structure to be transferred from unstable or weak soil, to stable soil or bedrock.
  • Liquid Urethane Injection – With any foundation repair we finish off the project by injecting liquid urethane to permanently seal these openings from potential water leaks that will cause additional problems.
  • Wall Anchors – We use wall plates and steel rods that are installed outside and inside of the basement wall to pull the bowed concrete back in place. This is a permanent solution that will withstand any amount of pressure.

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