Problem: Basement & Foundation Wall Cracks

Wall cracks in your foundation or basement can indicate any number of issues. Cracks are generally an early warning sign for slow developing flaws in either structural or water related problems and are the result of hydrostatic pressure or a settling foundation. Visibly, cracks can be horizontal, vertical, or random in different situations. While horizontal fractures usually show signs of a bowed wall, vertical or normal cracks can be a sign of foundation failure or waterproofing issues. Foundation settlement causes cracks along the wall or slab and poor exterior drainage causes leaky concrete cracks. Figuring out which problem came first and caused an ‘after effect’ of the next issue is what our certified technicians will provide during our inspection. You can contact Denver Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing at any time to get a free evaluation or for more information on our services.

Solutions: Wall Crack Repair

Liquid Urethane Injection

We use a liquid urethane material to prevent future basement wall leaks. First, the surface of the crack will be cleaned off so that dirt and debris don’t get into it during the repair process. Next, the urethane material is injected into the opening, permanently sealing the crack. Once dry, you can paint over the repaired crack to match the rest of your basement interior or exterior finish.