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Bowed Wall Repair in Denver

Our team of experts has been helping Denver homeowners repair bowed basement walls for years. Bowed or leaning basement walls can cause major foundation failure if left unattended. If you have noticed a wall in your basement that is bowing or leaning inward you should get in touch with one of our experts. We have years of experience diagnosing and repairing the cause of bowing basement walls. Our team uses the foundation repair products designed by engineers to secure and pull bowing basement walls back into place. Foundation walls often fail due to excessive pressure from the outside soil pushing against the wall. Often times bowed or leaning walls are a symptom of waterproofing issues such as improper yard drainage and is caused by the water seeping into the soil around your basement. As this soil begins to fill up with water, the pressure that it puts on the foundation of your home also increases, causing issues like bowed and cracked walls.

Bowed basement walls are more common on foundations laid in concrete blocks rather than poured concrete. This is due to the stress put on the mortar joints between the bricks. With traditionally poured foundation horizontal cracks are often an early warning sign. Our team has the experience you need to identify which issue is the most prominent as every project has different conditions. Let our experts at Denver Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing inspect your basement walls and help implement the best repair.

What Causes Bowed Foundation Walls?

Bowing or leaning foundation walls are primarily caused by expansive soils or excess hydrostatic pressure against your foundation. The main cause for Denver homes is hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure refers to the pressure caused by excess ground water in the soil surrounding your foundation. The buildup of excess water increases the overall weight of the soil and the pressures exerted on your foundation. The heavier soil then pushes on your foundation causing bowed or leaning foundation walls. 

Excess ground water around your home can be attributed to ineffective gutters and downspouts. If rain water is not properly removed from the exterior of your home it can build up in the soil around your home. Our experts at Denver Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing have years of experience identifying and fixing the cause of bowed walls for homeowners in Denver. 

How We Repair Bowed Foundation Walls

Wall Anchors

In order to repair a bowed or leaning basement wall, we use a product called a wall anchor. This system is a 3 part system consisting of 2 plates and a long connecting rod. Our team starts every job by driving the long connecting rod through a hole drilled in your foundation wall. After this is done the first plate is driven into the ground outside of your home acting as an anchor for the connecting rod. Our wall anchor system is unique in that only minor excavation is required for installation. This is important because of the soil conditions in Denver. Colorado is classified as an alpine desert, which means that the climate is semi-arid or prone to fluctuations in rain-fall and snow-melt. What this means for Denver homeowners is that the soil around their home if excavated can stay dry and loose for a long period of time. Anchor plates set into soil that has been excavated can compact that soil causing the anchor to move toward the house rather than staying stationary and anchoring your foundation wall. With no excavation needed the anchor plate is driven into solid ground providing a solid anchor point that is not surrounded by soil that has been loosened by excavation. After this, the second plate is attached inside of your basement and is slowly tightened to pull the wall back into place. The tightening process may take multiple trips for our team to ensure that the anchor point is secure.

Contact Us For Bowed Wall Repair Services in Denver

If you are looking for a reliable foundation repair expert to fix your bowed foundation walls, we can help. We offer professional bowed will repair services for home and business owners across the Greater Denver area. To get a free estimate and to schedule a foundation inspection call our team at (303) 653-9453 or fill out our online contact form to have our team contact you.