Problem: Bowing Basement Walls

Bowing basement walls can cause major foundation failure if left unattended to. It is normally not necessary to replace a bulging or bowed wall. We have a repair method that is far more affordable and restores the structural integrity of foundation walls. Walls often fail do to excessive hydrostatic pressure from the outside pushing against the wall. This symptom is related to waterproofing problems where water is not drained and seeps into soil surrounding your basement. As soil continues to soak up water, pressure increases over time and begins to apply an enormous amount of force on your basement walls.

Bowed walls are more common for masonry built walls where the mortar is the weakest point and easily broken when experiencing this problem. With traditional poured foundation walls horizontal cracks are an early warning sign. Our team will be able to properly identify and pinpoint which issue is the most prominent as every project is unique with variable conditions. Let the experts at Denver Foundation Repair & Basement Waterproofing evaluate your basement walls and help implement the best repair possible.

You can watch an educational video about hydrostatic pressure and how it effects your basement below.

Solutions: Bowed Wall Repair

Our wall anchor system fixes bowed basement walls. The purpose of the wall anchor is to restore lateral strength to the wall, also allowing you to pull the wall straight using the natural expansion and contraction of the soil. Wall anchors are installed to drive the effected area out past the active, shifting earth at an angle. Wall Anchors are able to supply supplemental lateral force to stabilize your bowed, tilting basement walls at your home. This repair method works great in the unstable soil conditions found all around Colorado including the Denver area.